Clean blasting and economic recycling of abrasives. Dust- free vacuum blasting. Closed circuit, no polution or waste.

Vacuum blasting machines

Vacuum, or dust free blasting is ideal for spot repairs, welding seams and/or in-situ blasting in working environments where dust- and abrasive pollution is to be avoided.

As the actual blasting is sealed off by a brush head, dust and abrasives are immediately vacuumed by a powerful suction unit. The separator and silo fully recycle the collected, used abrasives. The automatically contained dust can be simply discharged. Gritco’s vacuum blasting is a safe blasting solution for confined or critical areas (with a lower working speed compared to ‘open’ blasting).

  • Powerful benefits

    • 100% dust free operation because of fully automated blasting & vacuum start/stop sequence
    • Clean, abrasive free object surface after blasting
    • No time-loss through automatic filter cleaning and dust discharge
    • Easy disposal of collected dust in plastic bags
    • Unit can be relocated and/or transported easily
    • Wide range of brushes to fit all (flat, cornered, radiused) surfaces

  • Better blasting value

    • Long(er) uninterrupted blasting sessions because of 40, 60 or 100 liter blast pots
    • Suited for all abrasives, also ‘heavy ones’ like steel shot or chilled iron grit
    • Blasting patterns 50 or 75 millimeters
    • (Spare) parts can be simply removed for quick maintenance
    • Units are easily demounted in smaller parts for use in contained spaces (ships, tanks, etc.)
    • Hose lengths up to 50 meters

  • Quality includes

    • Renowned Nederman (Norclean) vacuum equipment for top results at low energy use
    • Wear resistant metering valve handles all abrasives (also steel grits, fine aluminum oxide, etc.)
    • Separate main air valve makes for almost wear- and maintenance free use
    • Spray painted, galvanized and non-ferrous fittings
    • Complete safety according to European Directive PED 2014/68/EU

  • Environmentally friendly

    • No dust and contamination which are collected in plastic bags for safe disposal
    • Closed circuit blasting saves on abrasive costs