About Gritco

We know how important surface treatment can be for your business. If you choose Gritco products, you benefit from all the knowledge and experience we've built up over all these years.

Gritco Equipment BV was founded in 1990 by Wim van der Made, who is active in the field of surface treatment since 1968. Meanwhile, the business is taken over by his son Sander. Because of these two generations we know the market very well. As a family business we do everything to remain our excellent reputation. Therefore we put a lot of effort in our distributors and suppliers to establish long term relationships. Reliability and continuity are of paramount importance to us.

Gritco dealers

Gritco is located in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands just southeast of Rotterdam. From there all production activities take place of compressed air blasting equipment and necessary accessories. Through our extensive dealer network Gritco products are sold across the whole of Europe and beyond.

Knowledge, service and Dutch quality

We're not the biggest or the cheapest. The importance of knowledge and service as an added value is essential. Everywhere people are blasting, our products are crucial. Our aim is to supply the best contribution for every challenge, using proven techniques or the latest new ones. Our expertise focuses on industrial blasting and fine blasting and soda blasting applications. Choose the branch that best fits your work and see what we can do for you.